Reconstructed Revolver

Reconstructed Revolver

Custom built from the ground up

Broken Gun? Bring It In.

I'll Do Everything I Can For It To Be Repaired

You love your guns and you want to keep them in the best condition. Sometimes accidents happen, however. Whether you dropped your rifle or you knocked the sights on your pistol out of alignment, you can depend on Lock Stock And Barrel Gunworks to make the necessary repairs. I am an expert gunsmith so if your gun is fixable, you can depend on me to fix it.

Don't hesitate to bring your gun in for needed repairs. Call 907-230-4628 now to arrange for gun repair services.

Learn more about our gunsmith

When you're looking for a shop in Twin Falls, Idaho that can make much-needed gun repairs, count on Lock Stock And Barrel Gunworks. In addition to being a gun repair specialist, I :

  • Have an associate's degree in Gunsmithing from the Colorado School of Trades-Gunsmithing School
  • Graduated with honors
  • I am an accomplished hunter of North American and African big game
  • I'm a retired combat veteran with 20 years of service

Visit my shop today to learn more.

Fix up your collectable gun

If you're a gun collector, you may run across well-used or antique firearms that have seen better days. If you have a favorite gun that could use some TLC, bring it to Lock Stock And Barrel Gunworks. I can also restore old, falling apart or broken guns. Contact me right now to learn more about our gun repair and restoration services.