Is It Time You Repaired That Old Gun?

Schedule gun repair services today

Do you have a damaged or broken gun that you want to fix up? Bring it in to Lock Stock And Barrel Gunworks. I am a dedicated gunsmith and gun repair specialist. While I can't promise that I'll be able to repair every type of damage to your gun, if it can be fixed, I'll do it!

I can also build custom guns from parts. Call 907-230-4628 today to learn more about my custom gun work.

What kind of work does your gun need?

What kind of work does your gun need?

When you need gunsmithing services, you can depend on the expertise of Lock Stock And Barrel Gunworks. We provide a wide range of gun repair services, including:

  • Glock / polymer pistol
  • Grip reduction, finger groove removal, stippling and trigger work
  • Revolver action work (Smooth out the action and reduce the trigger pull)
  • Stock replacement and refinishing work, recoil pad install and youth conversion
  • Rifle re barreling/chambering
  • Threading for muzzle breaks and suppressors
  • D.C.O.A./complete detailed cleaning of any gun

Don't let your favorite firearm gather dust. Reach out to me for more information about my gun building and repairing work.