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Bring your pistol to a custom gun builder in Twin Falls, ID. Lock Stock And Barrel Gunworks can customize any pistol to suit your preferences. Tell our gun builder about any problems you need to solve or enhancements you want to add.

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See how you can customize your pistol

Lock Stock And Barrel Gunworks offers a range of pistol builds and modifications. Our most common customization services include:

  • Grip reduction: Customize the grip to fit your hand by making it shorter or narrower.
  • Finger groove removal: Eliminate the finger grooves on a Glock for a more streamlined grip.
  • Stippling: Modify your handgun's slick grip by adding dimples, ridges and other formations.
  • Trigger work: Lighten the trigger, make the action smoother and customize the action to better fit your grip.
  • Stop using a standard gun. Bring your firearm to an experienced custom gun builder.

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