What Should be your next gun?

Not that it’s difficult to decide, but hopefully, asking yourself this question will help: “what is the purpose”? The best thing about determining your purpose for a new gun is that you can never be wrong. Whether you recently decided that you’re going to conceal carry, want a home defense set up, or want to get into hunting- all of these are great purposes to buy your next gun. Let’s dive in!


The home defense purpose has got to be one of the most challenging purposes for which you can decide to buy a gun. It’s not because it’s tough and you must choose carefully. Instead, you can’t go wrong! Buying a gun for home defense is so situation dependent and subjective. You may live in an apartment within a densely packed population. If that is the case, you may not want to go with a shotgun loaded with 00 buckshot or slugs. If this is the case firing a rifle round could add an additional risk. Remember, you are responsible for every round being fired from your firearm. Instead, a handgun like a 9mm with high capacity may be best for you. The perk with you being in this situation is that you can find several high-capacity 9mm handguns for under $700.



The self-defense industry has exploded primarily due to the instability of our population centers in recent years. It is undeniable how much worse violence has gotten. Let me be clear, your right to defend yourself and your family is fundamental, and anyone who says otherwise wants nothing less than for you to be prey. Let me encourage you strongly not to be prey. With that being said, your everyday carry firearm not only protects you and those you love but is also an exercise of your rights. Having that understanding, you can see why the weapon you choose to carry every day is critical. To get back to the theme of this discussion, it is invaluable to the purpose of carrying. The ideal carry gun that many choose is a micro-compact 9mm. Many of today’s compact or micro-handguns chambered in 9mm can carry anywhere from ten rounds to seventeen! We are far removed from the days of the best compact handguns being a five-shot revolver or 7+1 single stack handgun. Choose your front-line weapon wisely!

Final Thoughts

Regardless of what was written, choose what fits your purpose best. What was written here is simply ideas and a great first question to ask yourself before going out and making a final decision. The last thing you would want to do is to spend several hundred dollars on a gun that does not fit the purpose for which you want to buy your next gun. You are always welcome to ask questions and buy the right gun for YOU.