What is up with the .30 Super Carry?

Getting to Know the .30 Super Carry:   

Text Box: Top: 30 Super Carry    Bottom: 9mm
Maybe this will catch you off guard; perhaps it will not. However, Federal released a new caliber in early 2022- .30 Super Carry. Despite what many believe, the .30 Super Carry is an entirely different round than the 9mm. Additionally, you must have a firearm specifically chambered in .30 Super Carry to fire this round. Federal claims the Super Carry round has been designed to fit somewhere between the .380 ACP and the 9x19 parabellum. As of late, many are flocking to the .30 Super Carry due to

Text Box: Top: 30 Super Carry    Bottom: 9mm

increased magazine capacity and a slightly lighter recoil impulse. Pictured is the difference in magazine capacity between the .30 Super Carry and the 9mm, with roughly the same amount of space to work with inside the magazine. The most popular sub-compact pistol that fires this round is the Shield Plus. The Shield Plus can carry 13 rounds in a flush fit mag instead of 10 rounds in the 9mm at the same size. The same could be said for the shield with the extended magazine- holding a whopping 16 rounds of .30 Super Carry in the extended magazine, as opposed to 13 in the 9mm variant.

What are the ballistics?

chart showing the better energy and velocity of the 30 super carry HST verus the 380 auto HST and the 9mm Luger HSTAs I said, the .30 super carry is meant to bridge the gap between the .380 ACP and the 9mm cartridge. However, what is most surprising are the similarities in FPE (foot-pound energy), weight, and velocity. For a sub-compact caliber, the .30 Super Carry is absolutely FLYING out of the barrel at 1,250 FPS (feet per second). It is typical to find this round to be 100 grains. These 100 grains of lead flying at 1,250 FPS hit with a punch of anywhere between 335 FPE and 375 FPE. That type of energy dump with 16-round capabilities out of a sub-compact frame can be devastating. Due to its sheer velocity, the .30 Super Carry defeats the FBI minimum penetration in ballistics gel by penetrating over 15 inches of gel and expanding over half an inch wide with Federal Premium hollow point cartridges!

What’s the verdict?

If magazine capacity, similarities to the 9mm, and relatively good “stopping power” matter greatly to you, then the .30 Super carry is what you are looking to obtain. Additionally, if you have problems with your hands and seek lighter recoil, this gun is also for you. Overall, there are some negatives, such as higher cost per round (priced similarly to the .380 ACP), limited firearm options, and a little less power than the 9mm cartridge. Ultimately, I would be hard pressed to believe a cartridge similar to the 9mm would treat you wrong with carrying it daily.