When Is a Good Time to Upgrade Your Everyday Carry Gun?

Don't shoot the messenger.

Does your carry handgun only have an 8+1 capacity? Does it still have plastic sights? Is it optic ready? Is there plenty of aftermarket support? None of these things make a carry handgun bad- because daily carrying a gun is way better than carrying nothing. However, with advancements in the carry-gun industry since 2018, settling for these lesser characteristics is a significant disservice to yourself and the purpose of which you carry a gun.

Look to the Now!

             Now, there are more guns than not hitting the concealed carry market that is optics-ready, have high-quality sights, are incredibly reliable, and meet the compact-yet high-capacity threshold. The Glock 19x, Springfield Hellcat Pro, and Sig 365 Macro are all guns that meet the criteria mentioned above of a good "out of the box" CC (concealed carry) gun. These guns all come optics-ready, have quality sights, are highly reliable, and can all hold at least 15 rounds out of a compact frame! It's remarkable to think of all the CC guns hitting the market with their incredible technological advances since 2018. The companies producing these firearms understand the need they are trying to corner. 

It's only the beginning.

             Like I said before, these advancements started to gain significant ground in 2018 with the release of the 10+1 Sig 365. The fan club behind this gun is massive yet duly earned because of this tiny gun's compactness and shoot ability. From that release date to now, there have been many significant innovations in the CC market. It is worth mentioning that I can assure you that I am not a Sig Sauer fanboy. However, the recent release of the Sig Sauer 365 Macro set a new standard in magazine capacity. The Sig 365 Macro can hold an incredible 17+1 rounds! Before, the norm in a similar-sized frame was 15+1. It's exciting to think of what further advancements we will see in the long term!

It's a new wave of comfortability and peace of mind.

             Before 2022, a flush fit mag holding 17+1 would force you into carrying a full-framed handgun. Now, you can carry a compact framed handgun having the same capacity. Additionally, if you want to go smaller, you could find a plethora of 15+1 handguns. Furthermore, the micro-compact group of guns now can be found standard holding more than ten rounds! Because of this, your ever-trustworthy yet outdated CC gun may need an upgrade. Don't worry; You can still carry that gun now and then. However, it may be time to search for a change.